Alley, Aaron, and Nicole

The notes of success for the perfect family for Nicole, Aaron, and Alley will one day be found in the hearts of each of these kids. They are all music lovers and avid readers, and the other common denominator for these three is each other. They enjoy being together and need to be adopted as a whole family. Aaron, Nicole, Alley have all be in foster care for 3 years and despite their struggles they are all doing well in school and find strength, adventure, and an escape through music and reading. While Aaron is energetic, Nicole is described as loving and compassionate, and little Alley is noted as loving school and her stuffed animals. They long to find the perfect forever family for them, which in this case needs to be a two-parent household. Could you be the family they are waiting to join? If you want to see if you strike the right chord with this group of siblings, fill out the inquiry below.

Age: 11, 15, 16

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