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Issac, Jack, James, and Shannin

Most of you reading this had the good fortune of growing up in a stable, loving home. Sadly, Shannin (15), James (14), Jack (13), and Isaac (12) were not afforded that luxury. Their childhood was marked by instability and uncertainty. So when they were asked what they hoped for in adoptive parents, their comments were telling, and heartbreaking. Isaac noted that he wanted “parents that will actually care for us,” while Shannin added “and accept us…a true family.” Jack wants parents that “will be kind to us, and loving.” James summed up the siblings’ wishes in a simple but profound way – “We all love each other and we all want to be together. Every family should be together.” That doesn’t sound like too much to ask, does it? Watch their video to learn more about Shannin, James, Jack, and Isaac. Perhaps you’re the family to give them the stable home they want and deserve. Isaac (3051014) / Jack (2499628) / James (2452053) / Shannin (2179923)

Age: 12, 13, 14, 16

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