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Dejuan and Deshaun

Brothers Deshuan and Dejuan are all sports, all the time…especially football. They love playing football. They love watching football. They love talking about football. Older brother Deshuan is the leader of the two. He is really outgoing and has a great personality that just attracts you to him. However, that strong personality leads him to have an attitude at times, and he can get a little disrespectful. Younger brother Dejuan adores his big brother and tries to be just like him. Most of the time, this is a good thing. Deshuan’s confidence and positivity are great examples for Dejuan. But when Deshuan allows his attitude to take over, it sends the wrong message to Dejuan. But this is an area that they work on all the time, and it gets better every day. These two guys need a two-parent home with a positive male role model to help show them how to behave with respect and be accountable for their actions and choices. These brothers are poised to become amazing young men with the right tutelage and support.

Age: 14, 18

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