Credit and Appreciation go to: Van Dover Photography

Qammell and Mauria

These siblings are just precious! Older brother Qammell is full of energy and loves running, jumping, and playing with his fire trucks. He’s got a great appetite, too, and isn’t picky about what he eats. Little sister Mauria has a big personality and loves playing with her brother. Mauria loves fruit, especially grapes. Big brother Qammell can be a little impulsive and bossy at times, and he struggles with some speech delays. Not being able to communicate the way he wants makes him frustrated, which can lead to some issues. But he’s receiving some great speech, physical, and occupational therapies to get him back on even ground with his peers. Little sister Mauria has some communication issues, too, but like her brother she’s making great progress. These two will keep blossoming when they find their forever home. You’ll need to set some firm boundaries and a consistent routine for these siblings, but they’ll respond quickly to your guidance and support. They’re ready to be home.

Age: 5, 3

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A family has been identified for them! They will remain in our Heart Gallery until their adoption is finalized.

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