Jaxton and Evie

Our tech guys behind the scenes better increase the bandwidth on the servers for this sibling group – the inquiries should come fast and furious! Meet Jaxton and his little sister Evie. Have you seen a cuter pair of kiddos? Big brother Jaxton is a talkative, playful young man. He is super smart, makes friends easily, and loves to help his little sister. Evie is as sweet as she can be and very loving. Both kiddos love to eat and really are not picky at all. Evie is not a big fan of being told no, but that’s just typical behavior for her a child her age. Nothing out of the ordinary. Jaxton prefers to get his way, too (don’t we all?!), and he’s not always the best rule-follower in the world. When he starts to feel anxious or irritated, he can get a little rough around the edges, especially with kids his age and younger. But he responds well to a calm, soothing presence and comes back to himself quickly. Both Jaxton and Evie will thrive in a family where the parents can provide that calm, understanding guidance. Ideally, these two would be the only children in the home so they can receive the extra attention and appropriate parenting that they never received before coming into foster care. These are two really great kids, and they are ready to be welcomed into a family with big, patient hearts and a calming influence. Jaxton and Evie will quickly fit right in and you’ll feel like you’ve always been together!

Age: 5, 2

Inquire About Jaxton and Evie

A family has been identified for them! They will remain in our Heart Gallery until their adoption is finalized.

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