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Kira, Wyatt, and Dustin (Donnie-Ray)

There are days when writing these bios gets tough, but then you see a kid and you learn a little about him and you get inspired. These kids on the Heart Gallery are true inspirations. Despite whatever abuse and neglect they may have endured prior to this point in their lives, they are happy, hopeful, and working hard to re-write their stories. This is certainly true for Kira, Wyatt, and Dustin. They came into foster care out of some absolutely heartbreaking circumstances, but they are a happy, energetic, laugh-a-minute sibling group in need of a family. Kira is the baby sister, but she loves to be the boss of the house. She’s fearless and independent, which is great, but you have to watch her closely. She also loves to be the center of attention, as you might expect from the baby in the family, and you’ll always see her carrying her Minnie Mouse stuffed doll as she dances and plays around the house. Middle brother Wyatt is a real “people person.” He’s very outgoing and engaging and loves to talk and interact with people. Like his sister, he craves attention, which can get him in trouble at times. He also can take his friendly nature a bit too far and invade people’s personal space a little too much. Big brother Dustin loves to be outside in the wide open where he can run, play, and build things. He is a happy kid and has one of the best laughs you’ll ever hear. He is a bit impulsive and easily distracted, and he needs a lot of re-focusing on what he needs to be doing, but he wants you to be proud of him, so he accepts directions well. Together, these three kids are remarkably well-adjusted for all they’ve been through, but they will need to be the only kids in a two-parent family firmly committed to being active, structured, and consistent with expectations and consequences. Kira, Wyatt, and Dustin had none of this growing up, and they are starving for guidance and stability and positive attention.

Age: 5, 6, 7

Inquire About Kira, Wyatt, and Dustin (Donnie-Ray)

A family has been identified for them! They will remain in our Heart Gallery until their adoption is finalized.

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