Honest. Leader. Respectful. Smart. Good Listener. This isn’t an advertisement for the next presidential candidate; these qualities belong to an amazing young woman named Emily. She is a pretty typical teenager in many ways – she’s a gamer, a musician, and a YouTube aficionado. She is authentic and real as well, which is a refreshing departure from the norm. She is open about her struggles with personal worth and self-value due to her upbringing, but she’s beginning to understand that she deserves the very best that this world has to offer. Emily has a strong desire to have a forever family that will love her unconditionally and help her continue her personal growth and development. When asked about her favorite memory, our Emily said she has yet to live her special memory. How cool is that? Are you the family that will be a part of those memories? If so, please inquire below.

Age: 16

Inquire About Emily

A family has been identified for Emily! She will remain in our Heart Gallery until her adoption has finalized.

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