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How many of us would love to have the chance to re-write parts of our life stories? That’s the opportunity facing our buddy Eric. He’s a great kid with a big personality who has been dealt a rough hand in life so far. His original family loved him very much, but they just were not able to care for him safely or appropriately. He’s never known stability or certainty or security. That’s the fresh start that Eric wants with his new family. He needs a place where he can go to sleep knowing that when he wakes up, his family will always be there for him. Eric is a bright young man with a really friendly personality and disposition. He has a huge heart, and he loves to talk and share his thoughts and feelings, even with strangers! But sometimes, Eric’s background comes bubbling up, and he starts to remember all of the fear and anxiety and uncertainty from his old life. This causes him to act out without thinking through all of the options, and he doesn’t always make the best choices or express his emotions in the best way. This is not surprising at all, given the loss and trauma that Eric has experienced in his life. But Eric knows he has work to do, and he loves participating in therapy and learning new and better ways to respond when his emotions and memories start to get the better of him. We’re all super proud of Eric for working so hard because he knows what’s at stake. He really wants to be adopted, and he’s not afraid to do his part to make that happen. But now we need you to do your part. Eric will require a family that is patient, structed, and thorough. His new family will need to fully commit to Eric and be willing to support his hard work on his behaviors by working with him in family therapy. It’s a small price to pay for the huge reward of helping Eric turn that page in his life’s story. A new chapter, a new day, and a new beginning!

Age: 11

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