Credit and Appreciation go to: Jenny Stricklin


To say our buddy Dominic has been through some trials and tribulations in his young life would be an understatement. His life has been defined by uncertainty, instability, and chaos, and his behaviors reflect those experiences. Dominic desperately needs a family and a home that won’t disappoint him again. He will push boundaries and test your patience as he tries to figure out if you’re really committed to him, so expect some bumps in the road. But always know that Dominic wants a family…a family to love him unconditionally, even when he makes you madder than a hornet. A family to guide him and support him as he learns to trust and accept love again. A family to wrap around him and let him know that he never has to worry about losing them. When he finally sees your family as his family, too, he will shine brighter than any of us can imagine, we just know it. He has so many natural gifts and so much potential. He just needs you to give him the opportunity to let them develop.

Age: 17

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