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Alright, ladies…tell us if these kinds of “likes” from our friend Destiny sound a little familiar from your own childhood. She loves swimming, shopping, boys, and she loves to look nice and get her hair done. Destiny also is quite crafty and enjoys making bracelets and other arts and crafts projects. Purple is her favorite color, and she is crazy about dogs and would love to have a dog of her own. How much of that rings a bell from your youth? A lot, we bet. Destiny is a typical young lady in a lot of ways, but she also has been through more than her fair share of trauma, chaos, and uncertainty in her life. Because of her upbringing, Destiny is attention-seeking and needs to be the center of everyone’s world. She gets very jealous of others receiving attention and can lash out angrily. She also has some hard-earned issues with authority and can get in a mood where she does not like to abide by rules and expectations. For right now, this is Destiny…she’s a work in progress, which she understands. And that’s the great part about Destiny. She understands her weaknesses and works hard to find better ways to process and deal with her emotions. That list of things she likes to do and be, well that’s the Destiny she truly is meant to be. The not-so-positive behaviors are a by-product of her life experiences, and they’re being replaced every day with new, better, happier experiences. To help her continue to discover more of those positive life experiences, Destiny would do best in a home with a single mom and no other children. Destiny will need consistency, structure, and routine to flourish, and folks…she’s ready. She’s in a great place in her life to make that next step in her development, but she needs you to get her there. Ask about Destiny today.

Age: 15

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Out of state home studies are not being considered at this time. Arkansas residents may inquire.

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