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Will you look at that picture of our guy Adrian?! If you see a happier-looking kid in this Heart Gallery, we’d like to know about it. 7-year-old Adrian is quite the young man, known as much for his love of all things iPad as he is for laughing hysterically at himself as he makes silly faces in the mirror. There’s never a dull moment with Adrian around, but like many of our kiddos, he also has his moments when he’s quite a handful. Adrian has some developmental delays that cause him to experience a fair amount of frustration and anxiety at times, which can have an effect on his mood and behaviors. But he’s receiving tons of amazing supports and therapies from his caregivers, and he’s recently been approved for a waiver that will ensure that he receives these supports for as long as he needs them, even after adoption. Adrian is like any other kiddo – he just wants a family to love him and be there for him through thick and thin. That’s not asking too much, is it? If you’d like more info on Adrian, just let us know. 4293278

Age: 13

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