If you’re like us, you can spend hours watching videos on YouTube. It’s so fascinating! Our friend Alexander loves YouTube, too. He’s also a fan of playing video games. These pastimes allow him to take a break from his every day routines and let him forget, for a moment, that he hasn’t found the right family for him yet. That little word “yet” is a big notion, though, isn’t it? It implies hope, anticipation, and future happiness. Alexander wants that more than anything, but he knows he’s got some work to do first. He is working hard to overcome his past trauma and become the young man he wants to be. He’s on the right path and loves to receive praise for putting in the work to reach his goals. And he’ll reach them, we know it. He just needs you to help him turn that hope for a family into a reality. Alexander is a great kid who needs the right someone to stop and see him for who he really is. We know you’re out there, and so does Alexander.

Age: 17

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