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Like a lot of the kids on the Heart Gallery, there’s a lot of heartache behind the story on our buddy David. At his core, he’s a kind-hearted, compassionate young man. He sees himself as a protector and will stand up against bullying and other mean-spirited behaviors whenever he sees a need, regardless of who the victim might be. But David has experienced a great deal of trauma in his life, and sometimes his reactions to the stress that trauma creates can override his gentle nature. When he’s struggling with that trauma and the memories of his childhood, he can be combative, argumentative, defiant, and angry. But David is a fighter, and we mean that in a good way. He fights every day to overcome his past and re-define who he is. He works hard in counseling and wants very badly to make everyone proud of him. What David needs more than anything else is someone to believe in him and see past the behaviors caused by his traumatic past. Friends, there is a great young man here just waiting to be discovered. We talk a lot about kids’ potential on the Heart Gallery, but David is at the top of that list. With his kind soul and determination to make a positive difference for others, he’s ready to become a true leader in this world, but he needs your help. He needs a two-parent home that is committed to structure, consistency, and positivity. If you can give David that, he’ll give you 100% effort to earn your trust, faith, and love.

Age: 17

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Out of state home studies are being considered.

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