Credit and Appreciation go to: Jon Yoder Photography


Abrianna is a shy young lady at first, but she quickly opens up when she knows she can trust you. She enjoys singing and has a truly beautiful voice. In her spare time, Abrianna enjoys watching cooking videos on YouTube, doodling in her sketch pad, and doing all sort of arts and crafts. Abrianna struggles making new friends because she likes to keep her guard up. It’s a normal by-product of trauma and being let down by people she trusts, but it’s a behavior that fades as time goes on and positive experiences begin to outnumber the negative ones. Abrianna wants to live in a two-parent home. She really loves animals, so if you have animals or pets, she will be thrilled! Abrianna has a huge heart and she loves big.

Age: 17

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A family has been identified for Abrianna ! She will remain in our Heart Gallery until her adoption has finalized.

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