Gosh, what can we say about our friend David? We just love this kid. He loves to draw and is really good at it…maybe he’s a future artist, cartoonist, or even an architect! David is on the autism spectrum and receives a host of services to help him succeed. He even has a DDS waiver, so he has access to an even greater array of services than most kids. As a result, he is absolutely thriving! Developmentally, academically, behaviorally – he’s just making progress in leaps and bounds. Because of his autism, David can get a little frustrated and anxious when he gets over-stimulated or when his routines are upset unexpectedly, which can lead to some behaviors. But he rebounds quickly and comes back to his normal, happy self. He’s just a good kid, y’all! He needs a stable, kind, and patient married couple to give him the security he needs to continue his amazing progress. We can’t wait to see the heights David can reach with the right family behind him. Maybe that family is you!

Age: 9

Inquire About David

A family has been identified for David! He will remain in our Heart Gallery until his adoption has finalized.

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