Credit and Appreciation go to: Ashley Carson


We all like to have someone rooting for us, and 13-year-old Dayvionne is no exception. If his eyes and smile don’t say it to you, then we will: you’d be hard-pressed to find a boy who is more thoughtful and outgoing than him. Sure, he might like to test the limits and rules like any young man, but that’s why he needs you in his life to offer structure, stability, and a sense of belonging. Dayvionne gets excited about sports and anything that keeps him active. He plays football and basketball, and he loves to have someone to look for in the stands at his games. He’s a growing boy, so he never misses a meal, but he’s no picky eater, either. A bonus is that he’s great with other kids. If you can picture yourself playing catch and rooting for someone who wants to make you proud, then think about adding Dayvionne to your home team.

Age: 14

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