We always ask the caseworkers who know the children the best to tell us a little about the kids for these bios – What do they like to do? What are their personalities like? Where do they struggle? What do they need in a family? Things like that. Most of the responses are typical, but some really get to you. One of the responses for our friend Danny hit us that way. When we asked what Danny needed at home, their response was simple but powerful: “He needs someone to look up to.” Think about that folks…he needs someone to look up to. The role we play as moms and dads for kids, regardless of their connection to us, is so critical. They need to see us model what life is supposed to be like – love, accountability, commitment, hard work, stability – so they can create their own life and personality within that safe space and find their own unique way to become a light for someone else. What an awesome responsibility that is, and it’s what Danny needs from you. He needs a parent to look up to. He needs a big brother or big sister to look up to. He needs a family to stand up for him and show him what love and commitment look and feel like. If you want to learn more about Danny, please let us know.

Age: 9

Inquire About Danny

A family has been identified for Danny! He will remain in our Heart Gallery until his adoption has finalized.

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