Credit and Appreciation go to: Jenny Stricklin


Dian has one of the more engaging photos on the Heart Gallery. Her smile and her eyes just light up the page and immediately make you want to know more about her. So, what makes Dian tick? First, the easy stuff. She absolutely loves Chinese food and listening to music. She’s also a big fan of using Snapchat! Dian likes to look her best, so she enjoys spending time on her hair, nails, and makeup, too. But what is her personality like, you might ask. She will be the first to admit she is very strong-willed (like most teens her age), and in her own words, she “loves hard”. This is a great quality to have, but it also leads her to get scared when that commitment to a family starts to get a little too real, and she tends to pull away in an attempt to protect herself from the possibility of getting hurt. Sadly, this is a common behavior in our teens, but it’s one that signals their true emotions and belief in you. When they push their hardest, it’s because they can feel that their connection to you is real and powerful, and when they’ve come from a hard place defined by instability and uncertainty, getting close to finding a real home can get overwhelming. But that’s when you hold on and fight even harder, folks. Dian is worth it. She needs a relaxed, patient, and understanding family that is committed to her while allowing her the freedom to push through these kinds of emotions to find out that you’ll be there on the other side. Let us know if there’s something about Dian that makes you want to learn more.

Age: 17

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