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Is that a great photo of 17-year-old Daniel or what? We know it’s difficult to really know our kids just by looking at their photos, but if you pay attention, Daniel’s photo tells you a great deal. At first glance, it tells you he’s a good-looking young man with piercing, expressive eyes. It suggests he’s tall and athletic, which is true – he’s a member of his school’s track team. But the most intriguing part of his photo is that devilish grin. It’s almost as if he’s thinking of something that he knows you’re not, which knowing Daniel is quite possible! Daniel is smart and mischievous, which can get him in trouble sometimes, but those characteristics are also why we love him so much. Daniel struggles at times making the best decisions and occasionally rebels against authority figures and rules, which is both a reflection of the lack of effective parenting he received during his childhood and the fact that he is a teenager trying to figure out where he fits into this crazy world. When you scratch through the surface of his behaviors, you’ll see a kid who just needs a strong role model and a consistent, committed home to call his own. Want to figure out what’s behind that grin of Daniel’s? Just let us know! 3772149

Age: 18

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