Credit and Appreciation go to: Michelle Roberts


Our friend DeCayreon, or DK as he likes to go by, just turned 17 and had his first big birthday party…plus it was a surprise party! He was so shocked and so happy and so appreciative. It was a big to-do, and he deserved every second of joy and happiness and feeling of belonging and support we could offer him. To say we love DK just isn’t enough, and we really want to find his perfect forever family before it’s too late. DK has some obstacles in his path. He struggles with his emotions and behaviors at times due to his upbringing and those are compounded by his constant feeling that no one wants him. It’s part of why we helped him have such a great birthday. We wanted him to know that he was loved and that he was more than worthy of being wanted and loved. It was such an honor to do that for him for his birthday, but can you imagine being able to give that to him every day for the rest of his life? That’s the power you hold in your hands as you read this. What an awesome gift that would be!

Age: 17

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