Credit and Appreciation go to: Jennifer Smith Photography


Look at those cheeks! That smile comes from our technology-inspired young man named Connor. He loves 3D printers and video games, but he also enjoys being active, playing Nerf games, and swimming. Connor is also known for being a silly boy who loves to laugh, but he also struggles at times with boundaries and maintaining a positive attitude. Connor’s forever family will need to allow him to be the only child or possibly the youngest with a significant age gap due to him being emotionally closer to an 8-9-year-old and need for one-on-one attention. This apple-cheeked young man will be a great brother and son for a forever family that is willing to focus on his needs and work with him to become the man that he was intended to be. Will you be the forever family that he needs? For more information on Connor, inquire below.

Age: 15

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A family has been identified for Connor! He will remain in our Heart Gallery until his adoption has finalized.

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