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There’s always that one guy in every group of buddies. You know the one – you extend a hand for the customary hearty handshake and he comes in instead with an enthusiastic bear hug and a couple of back slaps. A little mischievous, a little rowdy, but you know he loves you. He’s the buddy everyone rolls their eyes at but loves to have. Our guy Connor is “that” guy. This kid is something else. On one hand, he’s confident and outgoing. He’s affectionate, loves to hug, thrives on receiving praise for a job well done, and he would do anything if he thought it would make you happy. But on the other hand, he struggles with controlling his emotions when something doesn’t go the way he thinks it’s supposed to, and he doesn’t always respond well to boundaries, guidelines, and rules. These behaviors, as different as they are, all come from the same place – a life defined by uncertainty, chaos, loneliness, and dysfunction where he was rarely told he did anything right and rarely given any consistent and healthy boundaries and expectations. To overcome these obstacles, Connor needs help, from you. He needs a family who can devote time and attention to him, maybe even one with a parent who stays home. He needs a family who is stable, consistent, and doesn’t move around or go places all the time. And he needs to be the only child in the home, so he can soak in all the support, patience, and guidance he never received as a young child. With these things, the sky’s the limit for our buddy Connor. He’s already got the heart and spirit you hope to find in a young man. Folks, he’s such a good kid! He just needs someone to believe in him and show him the way.

Age: 15

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A family has been identified for Connor! He will remain in our Heart Gallery until his adoption has finalized.

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