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We’re not here to solve the whole nature vs. nurture thing, but research and our experience tells us that a large part of what makes kids who they are is what kind of environment they grew up in – the experiences and influences and attitudes they were exposed to help define who they are. Sometimes, that upbringing complements a child’s natural personality and strengths, and that child blossoms into the best person they can be with relative ease. But other times, a kid’s natural self is overwhelmed by his or her upbringing, and all you see on the surface is what has happened to them and how those experiences affect their behaviors. This is what most people see in our friend Chris. His childhood was not easy, and he has struggled with acting the “right” way while in foster care, especially when he was younger. People see the descriptions of those behaviors and they think they see the real Chris. But that’s simply not true. The real Chris is in there, fighting to be seen and heard and loved above the noise. He loves basketball, and he loves dressing sharp and looking nice. And he really wants to be adopted by a family who’s willing to look past his old behaviors and see the young man he is now, and who he wants to be. Give him a chance, folks. Give him a reason to keep fighting to overcome his upbringing and become someone’s son again, someone you can be proud of and someone he can be proud of.

Age: 17

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