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Our friend Christopher is an amazing teenager! He is an incredible athlete on the football field, where he excels as a player and as a good teammate. Christopher is extremely hopeful that he’ll be adopted, and he’s aware that he has to work hard to help make that dream come true. At times, he struggles with peer relations and impulse control, but he realizes this and consistently works hard in counseling to learn new strategies and coping mechanisms. His team brags on his progress all the time. To help him continue those positive strides, Christopher will be best served in a home with clear and consistent guidelines and expectations. In that environment, the sky is the limit for our guy Christopher! Just like on the football field, Christopher needs a strong “coach” at home to help teach him and guide him and a team of supportive friends and family to push him to new heights. If you want to be on Team Christopher, inquire below. (2640775)

Age: 16

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A family has been identified for Christopher! He will remain in our Heart Gallery until his adoption has finalized.

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