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Our friend Cody is one of the most beloved kiddos on the Heart Gallery. We just love him to death! He has a huge imagination and a zest for life that is hard to beat. He has a few health issues with his stomach and digestive system, but everything is going really well now, which makes his happy. And he really, really wants to find a family. Let that sink in for a moment. Some of our kids try to play it cool about adoption as a self-preservation mechanism, but not our Cody. He knows what it means to find a forever family and he wants to experience life as a part of a family again. Sometimes, however, Cody encounters roadblocks in his path to that forever home. He can be pretty impulsive at times and make not-so-smart decisions, and his behaviors can be up and down when he gets anxious or upset. Cody’s working through things and making progress with the help of his support team, but he needs a few more members of that team to get him where he wants to be – he needs a family. So, if you’re a two-parent family with a ton of love, patience, and commitment to share, Cody is looking for you!

Age: 15

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