Credit and Appreciation go to: Van Dover Photography


We think we may have found a new favorite photo on the Heart Gallery! Look at that smile! Our friend Cheyeden is a beautiful young woman with an equally beautiful soul. You know the stereotype of the moody, aloof, maybe even rude teenager? That does NOT apply to Cheyeden! We asked her current foster mother to describe Cheyeden. Her foster mother told us, “Cheyeden is a very sweet and fun young woman. She is very respectful and just a joy to be around.” Like any other teen her age, Cheyeden loves listening to music and hanging out with her friends. She’s also a big animal lover and does great with pets. Cheyeden is a trusting soul, but she can also be a bit impressionable. She just needs a family to provide the right guidance and support to help her continue maturing and making great decisions. Ideally, Cheyeden would do best in a two-parent home. She would love to have siblings and pets, too! Truth be told, Cheyeden would instantly fit into almost any loving, stable, supportive home environment. So, go ahead! Reach out and ask for more info on Cheyeden. She’s ready!

Age: 15

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A family has been identified for Cheyeden! She will remain in our Heart Gallery until her adoption has finalized.

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