We try to “keep it real” here on the Heart Gallery. Foster care and adoption success stories certainly can be inspiring and wonderful and life-affirming, but some stories are a little harder to tell. Our teenagers have it especially hard. They’re trying to navigate some crazy waters at this age, all without a permanent home to help guide them. Being a teenager is tough enough under ideal circumstances but put yourself in the shoes of a teen in foster care and try to imagine how the daily uncertainty and pressure would affect you. Our friend Brooklyn is in the middle of this struggle now. She is a great kid, folks…a really great kid…but she struggles with life because she doesn’t have a permanent home to call her own. She has so much potential. She loves being in choir and book club at school, so she’s got a creative, artistic nature that needs to be supported and encouraged. And small successes breed larger successes, right? Imagine the confidence she’d gain from seeing her new mom and dad in the audience at her choir concert smiling and clapping as she sang her first solo. Imagine the pride she’d feel when she brought home that first A+ grade on a book report because she had parents who believed in her. Experiencing those kinds of moments will propel her to even greater moments and achievements. Brooklyn needs a two-parent home to give her the safety and stability she needs to let the worry and fear about her future fade away so she can let her natural talents and personality come shining through. Brooklyn needs you more than even she knows. Take that leap and send us an inquiry about Brooklyn now.

Age: 15

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Out of state home studies are being considered.

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