We’ve said it before and we’ll probably say it again, but just because a child’s parents’ legal rights have been terminated, they still exist and kids still miss them in some way. This is true for Issac, Carolina, and Victor. They want and know they need a forever home, but they’ll always miss their original family. It’s a natural thing for kids on the Heart Gallery, and it’s one of the things that you’ll need to work on with these three great kids. Isaac, the youngest sibling, is an energetic, outgoing, and friendly young man who loves playing baseball, riding his bike, and playing his favorite video games. Middle child Carolina is a lot like Issac. She is friendly, affectionate, and outgoing. Carolina makes friends easily and is very likeable. Like most young ladies her age, she enjoys shopping, getting her nails and hair done, and listening to music. Big brother Victor is much more reserved than his siblings. He won’t start many conversations, but he will join in when invited. Victor keeps his circle of friends pretty small, but he does enjoy playing basketball and watching movies. These are three pretty easy going kiddos but running in the background for all three are the memories of their original family. Not all their times together were bad, and Carolina especially misses her mom. They’ll need you to respect their conflicting emotions of hope and joy at finding you against their happy memories of their original home and help them find their way. The best forever home for these three will be a two-parent home filled with patience, structure, and unwavering support. We love Isaac, Carolina, and Victor, and we know you will, too.

Age: 14

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Out of state home studies are not being considered at this time. Arkansas residents may inquire.

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