Credit and Appreciation go to: Jenny Stricklin


17-year-old Caitlynn has one of the best smiles in the entire Heart Gallery! Her whole face just lights up when she smiles, doesn’t it? As is the case with many of our children, that smile is hard-earned. Caitlynn’s upbringing was not easy and she carries the memories of that early childhood with her. But those memories make her truly appreciate the present and make her hopeful for the future – a future she prays includes a family to love and guide her. Oh, and if that family had pets, Caitlynn wouldn’t complain! She loves animals and volunteers her time at the local humane society, perhaps seeing a little of herself in those lovable pets and wanting to share her love with them the same way she hopes someone will open their heart to her. 2174197

Age: 17

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