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Like many children on the Heart Gallery, 17-year-old Cameron’s path in life has been difficult. He has issues with trusting adults and he struggles with his self-esteem at times. This causes him to be anxious and defensive at any perceived slight, and he allows himself to react poorly to these situations from time to time. These behaviors, sadly, are fairly typical for children like Cameron. But they do not have to define who Cameron is, or especially who he can be. Cameron is an excellent student and is quite the athlete, favoring football over other sports. He just needs a patient family that will provide him with consistency, structure, and close supervision to let him know that he is wanted and appreciated but also accountable for his actions and choices. Because of his past, the closer Cameron gets to believing that you are the family he’s been looking for his whole life, the harder he will test you to make sure. This will require a serious commitment on your part, but the payoff for this commitment will be incredible. 4649028

Age: 17

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