Credit and Appreciation go to: Jennifer Smith Photography


This shy young man is our Braydon. He is such a handsome fella with a contagious smile. Just like any teenage boy he loves to eat, especially KFC and McDonalds. His forever family would need to be a two-parent home or capable single parent with no other children. Braydon can struggle with behavior issues and requires constant structure and redirection of behavior due to what he has been through. Despite his struggles, Braydon is also a regular teenager. He loves to play video games and shoot hoops. He has lost a lot and needs a forever family that will commit to helping him as he tries to create a future that proves to be happy and successful for him as a part of a family, instead of the realities of what his loss could create: a future of isolation and aging out of the system. Are you the forever family he longs for and needs? For more information, inquire below.

Age: 17

Inquire About Braydon

A family has been identified for Braydon! He will remain in our Heart Gallery until his adoption has finalized.

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