Introverted people are a special bunch. Full disclosure…the writer of this bio places himself into the introvert category more often than not. Sometimes we want to be left alone. Sometimes we want to be included. But most of the time, we want to be included with the option to be left alone! Our buddy Brayden identifies with these feelings, too. He’s naturally shy and quiet and likes his alone time. Not surprisingly, he enjoys running. It gives him the time and space to be alone with his thoughts and lets him process things at his own pace. But he also wants to be one of the guys sometimes and be around his friends. He’s even stepped out of his comfort zone recently and gotten a job. Turns out, he likes making his own money and is doing great at being responsible and a hard worker. In a world where teens are sometimes seen as unmotivated slackers, Brayden is bucking the trend. He’ll need a family where his need for balance between being left alone and being included is respected and encouraged. He’ll also need a home where making smart choices is valued and taught consistently. When you give him the space and support he needs, Brayden will flourish.

Age: 16

Inquire About Brayden

A family has been identified for Brayden! He will remain in our Heart Gallery until his adoption has finalized.

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