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Braydon’s photo made you stop and want to know more about him, didn’t it? It’s a great photo of a great kid. So what makes our friend Braydon tick? He’s a teenager, but his maturity level is a bit lower than most of his peers, which is really cool because he’s not all aloof and standoffish like other teens can be. He’s affectionate and loving and not shy about it. He also loves playing with Legos and is great at building things. One of Braydon’s favorite projects is building entire cities. How great is that? As you might guess, while Braydon’s maturity level endears him to folks in a special way, it also leads to some difficulties interacting socially with his peers. He also tends to struggle with telling the truth and accepting appropriate consequences when faced with the truth at times. That sounds pretty normal for a kid, doesn’t it? Braydon is a good kid, folks, and he needs a two-parent family where he’s the youngest in the home. This will give him the one-on-one attention that he needs to continue maturing and thriving. So is there something in Braydon’s photo or bio that makes you want to learn even more? If so, reach out and we’ll tell you all about our buddy.

Age: 16

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