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Cameron is a very special young man and he will need a very special family. Cameron is autistic and nonverbal. He is really scared of loud noises and will run or hide when frightened. Cameron is also scared of new people and he gets overwhelmed easily, so introductions and transitions have to be handled with a delicate touch. He needs a patient family who can give him lots of the one-on-one time and attention he never received as a younger child. Because of that upbringing, Cameron has PTSD and is behind on many of his developmental milestones. Yes, it will take extra effort to safely and effectively parent Cameron, especially at first. But here’s the great thing about Cameron. He is so eager to learn, he works hard, and he’s an absolute sponge. He sees and hears and pays attention to everything, and he wants to make you proud of him. His foster parent will gladly tell you what a joyful child Cameron is to be around, too. He is always happy playing in the water…and he is especially entertained by water balloons! Cameron also really enjoys swinging, swimming, and playing with anything that spins. We wish you could see the giant smile that lights up Cameron’s handsome face as he experiences all of these new things that bring him so much joy…joy he never got the chance to feel as a younger child. Cameron has so much time to make up and new joys to discover, and he needs you by his side to help guide him and support him as he grows up.

Age: 12

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