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17-year-old Bill is one of our most beloved kids. We love all of our kids, but some just capture your heart in a way that is hard to describe. Bill is one of those kids. As you can tell from his photo, Bill has some special needs. He has cerebral palsy and receives a host of services and supports such as physical and occupational therapies. He also is wheelchair-bound and has limited speech, but don’t let that confuse you. Bill is able – and very willing! – to express himself and communicate with you. Bill’s always in a good mood and is well-known for his affinity for blowing kisses to those he cares for…he blows kisses, y’all! This kid just melts our hearts. Obviously, caring for Bill comes with some challenges, but he has a full team of folks who support him already and will continue to do so. If you think you might be ready to be on the receiving end of Bill’s blown kisses, let us know. Once you meet him, you can’t help but love him. 3933656

Age: 17

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