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Every time we see 17-year-old August, we laugh. This young man is genuinely funny. When we asked him what he wanted his first job to be, he didn’t hesitate. He wants to work at Game Stop – for the discounts! We love his photo, but you really get a sense of what kind of kid August is when you see his short video. He talks about what kinds of things he enjoys doing – playing video games, swimming and riding go-karts – but he’s quick to point out that rice is “super gross.” August knows how to have fun just like any other kid his age, but he also keenly understands that he’s different. He allows his past to affect his behaviors more than he should some times, and he doesn’t have a family – yet. His wish list is simple. He wants a “fair” family to love him and care for him, and if he can have a brother and a sister around his age, a swimming pool and free wifi – we told you he was funny! – he would be happy. Oh, and we saved the best part for last. August is a self-proclaimed great hugger. Folks, this is an amazing kid who deserves the best that some special family can offer to bring out the best in him. Maybe that family is you…but only if you have free wifi, of course! 3048765

Age: 18

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