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We may need to pay for more bandwidth to handle all the inquiries we’re about to get on Zechariah! Folks, our buddy Zechariah is a great kid. Here’s the deal on Zechariah. He’s one of four brothers, and they all were set to be adopted, but the family for Zechariah just wasn’t the right fit for him. We don’t want to settle for “good enough” here on the Heart Gallery. These kids deserve the best! Zechariah is close with his brothers, so the family lucky enough to be his forever family will need to allow him to remain in contact with his brothers. You’ll also need to keep a refrigerator full of pizza, burgers, fries, and chicken nuggets – they’re Zechariah’s favorites. He also loves playing basketball, riding bikes, and playing video games. If Zechariah has a chink in his armor, it’s that he doesn’t always enjoy following rules…but what kid his age does?! You’re going to love Zechariah, trust us. He’ll need a two-parent home, but everything else is wide open. Zechariah will be a great son, brother, and friend to anyone in your family. Ask below for more information!

Age: 14

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A family has been identified for Zechariah! He will remain in our Heart Gallery until his adoption has finalized.

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