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Have you ever met someone that made it their daily goal to get better? Well if you haven’t, you should meet Zaylyen. He chooses each day to make progress his goal and reaches for it every day. Even though it is his goal, it isn’t always easy to obtain. Zaylyen struggles with peer interaction and has a hard time processing his emotions. Many times, his inability to express his emotions can come out as anger or frustration. His stubbornness flares up every now and again, but Zaylyen does well in school and tries hard to be polite and respectful. He needs a forever mom and dad that can provide him with structure and good direction, and that are willing to work with him as he daily tries to more toward healing and acceptable behaviors. He needs a strong two-parent home that has experience working with kids with behavioral struggles. He has made such great progress, and he will make huge strides with a family that he trusts and knows they are committed to be there no matter what. This loveable little man loves to play video games, play on his tablet and listen to music. He is very friendly and makes friends easily. Zaylyen also has favorites when it comes to meals, like pizza and Subway. So, grab a footlong and inquire below on how to find out what Zaylyen’s favorite sandwich is. Are you the forever family he is waiting to trust? He is worth asking the question, “Is this my forever son?”

Age: 16

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Out of state home studies are not being considered at this time. Arkansas residents may inquire.

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