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Focused. Decisive. Leader. These words aren’t often associated with teens this days, are they? Well, our friend Braedyn is not your typical teen. He is extremely active in his school’s ROTC program and plans to become a career military man. He has extraordinary leadership skills and an intense determination to succeed. Braedyn also loves to be outdoors hunting, fishing and hiking, and he enjoys tinkering with mechanical things as well. He’s an outdoorsy foster family’s dream kid! As positive as his leadership skills and decisiveness can be, they also lead him to be a little bossy and sometimes defiant when he believes he’s right about something. His perfect family will need to give him the room to learn how to balance those traits in a healthy way and provide him with the consistent, supportive structure that he thrives under in his ROTC role. Braedyn also would do best in a home where he is the oldest child. He’s made tremendous progress in finding his confidence and his voice, and he’s a genuine, warm, witty kid who just wants a family to see him for who he is and help him keep moving forward.

Age: 16

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