Calling all entomologists or bug lovers. We’ve found a kindred spirit for you in our dear friend Aubrey. Beyond insects, her interests include Legos, sports, and food, especially burgers and pizza. Due to her past trauma, she struggles with aggression and violent outbursts when she becomes overwhelmed. Aubrey needs a forever family with experience with ADHD and self-control issues. She desperately wants to be someone’s daughter again, one that has a forever mom and dad who are patient and understanding while also being committed to helping her heal and find peace despite the pain of her past. Every dragonfly or caterpillar, maybe even beetle, will make all the difference in connecting with Aubrey. Are you ready to be on that journey with her? If so, grab your butterfly nets and inquire below.

Age: 14

Inquire About Aubrey

Out of state home studies are not being considered at this time. Arkansas residents may inquire.

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