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Sylvia 'El'

Alright sports families, pay attention to this young lady. Sylvia loves watching and playing sports. She loves playing soccer and basketball, and she’s a huge Kansas City Chiefs football fan. When she’s not watching or playing sports, Sylvia likes to read and loves watching scary movies and anime cartoons. She’s also a math whiz and isn’t picky about food at all! Y’all, there is so much to love about Sylvia! But for kids like Sylvia who come out of trauma, not every day is happy and shiny. Sylvia struggles with anger issues and can lash out verbally when she’s upset. She also experiences panic attacks, but her therapist shared that Sylvia has a flair for the dramatic and likely fakes panic attacks from time to time to get your attention. Again, this is something that lots of kids who have experienced trauma go through, and these behaviors are improving every day. Sylvia is ready to settle down and feel safe and protected and supported in a home with a family she knows is going to be by her side. We’re confident that when she gets “home,” these behaviors will fade and you’ll see Sylvia’s true personality come shining through.

Age: 18

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