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Zachariah isn’t your average awkward teenage boy. He is a vibrant young man with an infectious smile. You might find him on the couch exploring new worlds in the latest book or hear him laughing as he plays video games. He is never without a friend. If he can be out shooting hoops or tossing the ball around that is where you will find him. He is such a fun kid. Zachariah could really use a forever dad to mentor him, as he can struggle with being easily manipulated by his peers. He needs a forever family with no other children, as he requires consistent redirection for his behavior. Zachariah has such potential, but he wants and needs a forever family that will dedicate their time and love to mentoring him and providing him a safe and loving home with boundaries. How can anyone expect someone to be a certain way if they have never been taught or seen it modeled? Start with the basics of boundaries and watch him grow into the amazing young man, your son, as he was meant to be. Are you ready to begin the journey? For more information, inquire below.

Age: 17

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Out of state home studies are being considered.

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