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Stephen 'Gage'

Outdoors-loving families, stop scrolling and read this bio! Our buddy Stephen, or Gage as he prefers to be called, LOVES the outdoors, especially fishing and riding bikes. He’s not going to turn down any video game time, either, but he really prefers being outside and enjoying nature. His foster parents describe him as a sweet and slightly goofy kid (in a good way!) with a big heart. They’re right – Gage is a great kid who loves big and has a great, happy personality. The one thing that Gage really struggles with is school. He has some learning disabilities and really has to work hard to keep up at school. He can get really frustrated, which leads to some temporary anger issues. But Gage is aware of when he starts down this path and has learned to recognize his emotions and calm himself down. We’re really proud of him, and he’s super proud of himself. But what Gage wants more than anything is to make his family proud of him, too. Gage wants a two-parent home, and he really wants some brothers and sisters so they all can go camping or fishing together. So get your fishing gear ready – we promise you, Gage will be raring to go!

Age: 12

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A family has been identified for Stephen 'Gage'! He will remain in our Heart Gallery until his adoption has finalized.

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