Credit and Appreciation go to: Jon Yoder Photography


If there’s a cuter photo on the Heart Gallery, we’d love to see it! Our friend Avery is quite the young lady. She loves to draw and color, and she really enjoys any activity that involves animals. Avery is also a big fan of math, which you don’t see too often. Her path to the Heart Gallery has been a long and winding one, and Avery has picked up a lot of baggage along the way. Because of the trauma she’s experienced, she struggles with impulse control and respecting boundaries. She also craves attention a little more than most, and she finds it hard to focus on tasks from time to time. But this baggage can be unpacked and sorted through, and Avery is learning what she needs to keep and what she needs to let go. It’s been amazing to watch her grow and mature and accept love and structure. New lessons are being learned and she is just thriving. Imagine what she can do when she’s “home”? Avery’s new family needs to be led by a strong female, and a female parent-only home is preferred. Avery also needs to be the youngest child in the home. If that sounds like your family, we can’t wait to share more about Avery with you and celebrate a lifetime of memories!

Age: 8

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A family has been identified for Avery! She will remain in our Heart Gallery until her adoption has finalized.

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