Credit and Appreciation go to: Kendy Schimmel


We like to keep a copy of a child’s Heart Gallery photo open as we write each bio, just so we can keep our minds focused on the child at hand. To be honest, on busy days, the photos start to blur together a little. But then you open up one and it just hits you right in the heart and makes you stop. That’s what 7-year-old Aubree’s photo has done today. We guarantee that there is a big smile on your face right now as you’re looking at her. Aubree is a special young lady, for a lot of reasons. As you can tell from her precious photo, she is in a wheelchair. Aubree has cerebral palsy and has limited speech and mobility, but she receives consistent speech, physical and occupational therapies and has made great strides while in foster care. According to her foster mother, one of her favorite things in the world is to go out into the sun and just soak it in – the smile that breaks across her face is something to behold. She also loves to lay on a blanket and play with her foster siblings! Aubree will need a family committed to continuing her therapies and needed doctor appointments, but the reward will be a million times greater than the investment of time and energy. Just look at that photo again and tell me you don’t want to just stare into those eyes and see that smile for the rest of your life! What a blessing that would be. If you’d like to learn more about Aubree, please let us know. 4638118

Age: 10

Inquire About Aubree

A family has been identified for Aubree! She will remain in our Heart Gallery until her adoption has finalized.

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