Credit and Appreciation go to: Ashley Carson


Trinity’s strength is that she is a hard worker. Trinity told us that she likes volleyball and recently made the volleyball team at school! She doesn’t always apply this can-do attitude to her schoolwork, though, so there’s some room for improvement in that area. Trinity likes eating all kinds of food, but she did say that she does not like greens (she’s missing out on that one!). Here’s the deal with Trinity, folks. She’s in a holding pattern, and we don’t mean she’s stuck in foster care or anything like that. She’s waiting to find a home where she feels secure and safe and where she knows she can be herself. Until she finds that home and family that’s a great fit for her, she’ll bide her time and keep her cards close to her vest, so to speak. We love Trinity and her hard-working spirit, but it feels like we’ve just scratched the surface of what she can become in the right environment. Now that’s an exciting opportunity!

Age: 15

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Out of state home studies are not being considered at this time. Arkansas residents may inquire.

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