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Violet is one of our “girly girls” on the Heart Gallery. She loves all sorts of typical girly things, from makeup to hair to dressing nice. She’s a lovely young woman, but sometimes Violet places too much importance on her physical beauty in her attempt to define her value as a person. This is a common issue for teens, we know, but for kids like Violet with the extra layer of childhood trauma, trying to figure out how to fit in or make people like, want, or love them can be especially tricky. But here’s the cool part. Violet’s natural inclination to want people to accept her, love her, and be proud of her is a strength that she is learning how to use in positive ways. In the right environment, with the right family, can you imagine how much she can accomplish in this world? Violet is at a point in her life where she is poised to make one of those breakthroughs that we all hope to make in our lives – that moment in time when everything comes together, things slow down, and you’re able to see clearly what you are meant to be and do. What an incredible opportunity for her and for you! If you are a family with other teens in the home and no younger children, and if you have the time and patience to give Violet the space she needs to keep learning who she is and what her role in this world can be, then ask us for more info below. Violet is worth the effort, folks.

Age: 17

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