When people think of adoption, they don’t immediately think of kids like 18-year-old Tyvon, or TJ. Teenagers are our most difficult children to find adoptive families for, but they are the children who have the most urgent need for permanency and stability. You see, their time is running out and they know it. TJ knows it, and he is fully aware of what his life will probably be like if he doesn’t find his perfect “forever family” in time. For a moment, try to imagine what it must feel like to truly be alone in this world, with no family to call your own. TJ thinks about these things all the time, but he doesn’t let it get him down and it doesn’t make him want to give up – he really wants to be adopted and believes with all his heart that he will be. TJ doesn’t ask for much in a perfect family. He told us, “I want to get adopted because my old family was very hard on me. I just want to go to a family that really cares about me.” He followed that up with some assurances for his perfect family out there waiting to meet him: “I want them to know that I am a good child. It’ll be easy to take care of me since I’m 17 so I know how to do my own clothes and everything.” TJ deserves a family so, so much. He’s not just a good kid, he’s an amazing kid and he just wants a family so he can start over again.

Age: 19

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