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At DCFS and Project Zero, we know what it at stake if forever families aren't found for children and youth waiting in foster care to be adopted. We understand the risks and the reality of life without a family, and it scares us to death. Imagine for a moment how it must feel to a child, left waiting and hoping that someone – anyone – sees them and reaches out with a lifeline before it’s too late. We believe, with everything we have, that every single child deserves the support, nurturing, comfort and unconditional love of their very own family. There is hope. There is always hope, and we have the incredible and humbling opportunity to bring that hope home. We have the honor of giving waiting kids a voice. And we don't take that gift lightly. Meet Ayren. She has been waiting a long time, and we believe that the perfect family for her is out there...they just don't know her yet! Maybe you are the one for Ayren, reading this right now. Look at her photo and look into her eyes and ask yourself – Is she the one I’ve been looking for? Is she the one my family needs just as much as she needs my family? If you want to learn more about Ayren, please let us know. 2704025

Age: 17

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