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You know how someone’s name can sometimes be a perfect reflection of their personality, or maybe of how they make you feel when you’re around them? You know, like a really cheerful person named Joy? Our friend Summer has that same connection with people through her name. When you think of summer, what do you think of? Warmth, good times with family and friends, and just a kind of ease and relaxed vibe. That’s Summer, too. She’s a warm, friendly young woman who’s fun to be around and who wants things to be simple and easy and peaceful. She loves make up, books, and shopping, but she’s also a little leery of people leaving her. She’s endured enough in her young life already, and she’s ready to put all of that chaos, uncertainty, and anxiety behind her and just find her happy place with people who love and support her. That’s not to say that a little summer storm won’t pop up now and then. Some days, some of her past trauma pushes its way back into her mind and can darken her mood for a minute, but like they always do, those summer storms pass quickly and lead to a beautiful day. That’s what’s I store for Summer’s new family – beautiful days. Folks, she’s a good kid and she just needs a new start in a positive, supportive environment. If you’d like to learn more about Summer, just let us know.

Age: 18

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Out of state home studies are not being considered at this time. Arkansas residents may inquire.

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