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Everyone needs a happy-go-lucky person in their life, and Remington is just that. According to Remington’s adoption team he has a cheerful personality and is always happy, even on a bad day. Now, that’s a page we can all take from his book! Remington likes music, watching sports, and animals, especially cats. He loves being outside and has an interest in outdoor adventures like fishing. Remington is a great helper and does well following directions, but he struggles taking initiative to engage anything on his own. But, with the right encouragement and positive reinforcement, we know Remington can be a great leader. Remington also struggles in school, due in part to developmental delays. However, he does receive services to help address these concerns. Remington would do best in a two-parent household with involved parents and a strong mother figure. Remington also needs a family with a strong structure and routine. Could your family be the right fit for Remington? Submit an inquiry below to learn more.

Age: 9

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Out of state home studies are being considered.

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