Credit and Appreciation go to: Brandi Connor


Close your eyes and begin to listen to the sound in the next room. What is it that you hear? Could it be Beethoven’s Concerto in D Minor? It is, and it is being played beautifully on the violin by your forever son Vinte. Your heart is amazed by the talent he holds and a smile crosses your face to know he is finally home. Vinte can be your forever son and he really is an accomplished musician who truly enjoys playing the violin at home and in concert, as well as playing video games and basketball. However, he can have a bit of an attitude and needs to learn how to respectfully address women. Vinte also has been diagnosed with sickle cell, requiring him to need a two-parent home that has some medical knowledge and will advocate for his medical needs when needed. He needs a strong male role model and mentor to guide him. If you get to take him out for a meal make sure it is for tacos or pizza because he tends to be a picky eater. Are you ready to earn Vinte’s trust as his forever mom and dad? If so, inquire below.

Age: 16

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