Nathan is a very active and extremely smart young guy. He loves being outdoors, staying active, and tinkering with things. Nathan struggles with ADHD but is on medication to assist him. He’s recently started track and football which also helps with his energy levels. When he’s not keeping busy with sports, Nathan enjoys tinkering with things and learning how they work. He’s extremely smart and aware of his surroundings. At one point, Nathan struggled academically, but he recently caught up and is performing at his grade level, a testament to his intelligence and dedication. Nathan is needing a strong male role model in his life. He doesn’t do well with yelling or people being loud, so his new home will need to patient, understanding, and gentle. He thrives off positive reinforcement and attention. A home that is male only, or a married couple with a strong male presence would be best. Nathan is very special, and just needs a home that will be understanding, kind, and patient. If you think you can be that for Nathan, submit an inquiry below today!

Age: 9

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A family has been identified for Nathan! He will remain in our Heart Gallery until his adoption has finalized.

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