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Skylar is a wonderful young lady with a really interesting balance of personality traits. Her hallmark is her caring nature. She cares deeply about her friends and family, perhaps to a fault at times…she can get a little over-protective for those who she thinks need it. Skylar is very sociable and friendly, but she also loves to retreat and write poetry and even her own songs. She also has a beautiful voice…maybe we’re looking at the next Taylor Swift?! As you might guess from a budding poet and songwriter, Skylar is very thoughtful and reflective. This makes her very open to constructive feedback and guidance and she is able to process ways she could have handled things better or made better decisions, and she rarely makes the same mis-steps twice. But right along with that, her ability to think and process and develop new plans also lets her be pretty manipulative at times. Skylar is such a naturally intelligent, perceptive, and compassionate young lady…she just needs a family to help her focus those gifts in a positive way. Skylar wants a two-parent family, and she’d be happy with other brothers or sisters or pets, too.

Age: 17

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