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Attention dog lovers! Our friend Aubrianna is a dog lover just like you. She knows all about the unconditional love shared between a dog and their person. The kind of relationship where faults and mistakes and bad days don’t affect the feeling of acceptance, understanding, and support felt by both pet and person. That’s the same kind of love that Aubrianna desperately wants to find in her new adoptive family. Like most teens who need to find adoptive homes, Aubrianna has traveled a difficult road. Loss, hurt, and disappointment have been far too prevalent in her young life, and they’ve left their marks. Aubrianna can experience anxiety and depression, and she hasn’t learned the best ways to process those powerful feelings yet. But Aubrianna has a clear sense of who she is and who she wants to be. We already know she loves animals, but she’s also really outgoing and active and loves all kinds of outdoor activities – traveling, camping, hiking, and so on. She’s also an unapologetic crafter, and she’s really talented. She also wants, with all of her heart, to be adopted. She wants to be a part of a family again, and she’s ready and willing to trust again. But she needs someone to take a chance on her. She needs a family to wrap around her and give her that safe place to land as she works through her anxieties and fears. And a dog – Aubrianna really wants a dog to call her own. If you have pets, you know how powerful that bond can be. Go ahead and inquire about Aubrianna below and start a new path forward for this wonderful young lady.

Age: 16

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A family has been identified for Aubriana! She will remain in our Heart Gallery until her adoption has finalized.

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